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Gülay Princess in Reigen 2
Gülay Princess in Reigen 1,5 MB
Gülay Princess in Malta
Gülay Princess in Malta 1,2 MB
Gülay Princess in Reigen
Gülay Princess in Reigen 586 kB
Gülay Princess in Malta 3
Gülay Princess in Malta 2,1 MB
Gülay Princess in Malta 2
Gülay Princess in Malta 2,4 MB
Gülay Princess in Australia
Gülay Princess in Australia 3,2 MB
Gülay in New York
Gülay Princess in New York 2,9 MB
Gülay Princess in Vienna
Gülay Princess in Vienna 2,1 MB
Gülay Princess in Malta 4
Gülay Princess in Malta 2,4 MB


Founded in 1989

From Vienna and established in 1989, Gülay Princess & The Ensemble Aras has created a type of world music in which elements from Asia and Europe blend together.

Oriental crossover

Exotic instruments are used beside European ones. Singer Gülay Princess interprets the songs in the original language of the respective countries and uses her special Asiatic singing technique, which is shaped by the art music of the Ottoman court.


Gülay Princess & The Ensemble Aras

The Ensemble has performed worldwide from the Imperial Palace in Vienna to Carnegie Hall in New York.

The groups World Fusion music from its' Silk Road Tour showcases exotic melodies in about 20 languages as well as introducing various instruments and dances, with elements of Central Asia in their performances.

Their compact disc entitled "Colors of Silk" was chosen as the music of choice aboard the Russian Space Shuttle and was listened to at the ISS (International Space Station). This was a great honor to Gülay Princess & The Ensemble Aras.

This group has performed in various countries around the world, including Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Malta, Turkey, Austria and Uzbekistan.

Available for concert hall performances, corporate events and ethnic events.

For bookings in the United States

Contact Ryder Entertainment for information.

Stage plan

Gülay  Princess' stage plan

Link for download our stage plan: Gülay Princess' stage plan

Technical specifications

Gülay Princess (singer) 1 extra microphone stand (uses her own mic, AKG C1000)
Josef (flutist) 1 extra microphone stand (uses his own mic, AKG C1000)
1 extra microphone for moderation
Marco (piano, keyboards) 1 DI-box
Michael (double bass) 1 microphone
Daniel (percussions) 3 microphones + 1 overhead microphone
Lalu (indian percussion) 2 microphones
4 monitor speakers (at least)
3 chairs on stage
3 music stands

Link for download our technical specifications: Gülay Princess' technical specifications